Baby-mom fine arts and crafts course – Hungarian speaking course.
(If you wish, during the course the teacher would change to english)


"Mom can you help me drawing a cat?" 
If this question sounds familiar, but you have difficulties in this field, our upcoming course will solve that problem. We are welcoming you and your baby if you would like to improve the initial creativity of your child, spend some colourful and relaxing mornings together. If you feel like you would love to try out some unique tools and techniques that is easy and fun to learn. If you feel like cooperating with your baby, even go further with her/his idea, or to help carrying it out.
Our painter teacher will help both of you to achieve your goals.
Those of you who already knew Helloanyu, we don’t have to introduce the cozy, family and baby friendly atmosphere. After the lesson you can continue the program with a cup of coffee.

Recommended age: Parents/grandparents and children until 4.

Tuesday: 10.00 - 10.45 --- Location: 1077 Budapest, Csányi utca 7.

Teacher: Lajkó Nóra

16 000,- Ft / 4 occasion